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01 February 2010

TODAY: Fem 2.0 Radio on Latinas & Family

VI. Work/Life and Latino Families
How Are Latino Families Changing as Latinas Bring Home the Bacon?
Monday, February 1, 1:00 PM EST, here

Host: Veronica Arreola
Ana Roca Castro, Founder, Latinos in Social Media
Catherine Singley, Economic and Employment Policy Analyst, National Council of La Raza
Marisa Trevi?o, Publisher, www.latinalista.net

The Great Recession has impacted every family and Latino families are no different. Or has it been different? Join in the conversation as four Latinas from policy, punditry and community organizing discuss the impact of the recession on Latino families. What does a Latino worker look like? What are the contributions of Latino workers to the economy?  Can the government do more to encourage job creation? As more Latinas take on more jobs, who is caring for their children? How are Latino families changing to make room for Latinas who brings home the bacon?

28 July 2009

Latina Leaders and New Media

I attended the NCLR session, "Serving, Leading and Inspiring: Latinas in Elected and Appointed Office" which was great. So many amazing stories! I'll write them up later on. But afterwards I was able to grab my former State Sentor Iris Martinez (disclosure: I have donated to her campaign), State Representative Susana Mendoza and Elmy Bermejo, Chair of the board of HOPE, for a few minutes on social media.

It was a case study in how different we see social media and who is using it.

For Senator Martinez, she does not have a dedicated press person to help manage any social media outreach. Senators share press people, so one press person could be handling 4-5 or even 10 state senators. This doesn't seem to lead to having the time or energy to handle any substantive social media presence. I've talked with friends over the last few years and most of us are frustrated that elected officials aren't using the Internet to it's fullest extent. Martinez is committed to updating her website soon and looking for ways to increase her presence online.

Representative Mendoza is on Facebook and Twitter. It's really her on the other end of the iPhone, which was peeking out of her suit jacket, sending in updates. She says that she resisted joining for a long time, but quickly came to realize the power of social media/networking. While she was on the impeachment panel for former Gov. Blagojevich, she got a TON of feedback from people around the state about the impeachment as well as about her. "I got messages from Republicans in Lake County saying "I've never voted for a Democrat, but I'd vote for you if you ran for higher office." You don't let all of that go to your head, but it's great to hear from so many people. Facebook is the best door knocker!" We discussed how someone at her level of politics or even more local could definitely use Facebook and other social media tools to expand ones base in order to run for a higher office. She does say that she tries not to update too much and any updates are fairly relevant. Too many elected officials update too much and border on annoying.

Mendoza knows that her community still has issues with the digital divide and sees more non-constituents giving her feedback through social media tools. But is committed to bringing resources to the community. As she sees it, getting more people connected to computers will only increase their voices and education.

HOPE is working in California to increase the number of Latinas in leadership. They are also working on launching a poll to see how Latinas in California are using social media. Who is using it, why, how as well as seeing who isn't using it or even has access to social media. The digital divide is also a huge issue for HOPE and they want to see the divide decrease. As for their leadership training, they are targeting Latinas with potential. After a Latina goes through the training, they have access to the entire state wide network. One Latina who was campaigning had a goal of raising $5,000 in a week. With HOPE's network if every Latina on the list gave $20, she would have reached one week's goal.

And that's what HOPE is trying to do. Get more Latinas engaged in politics through running for office, working on campaigns and GIVING to campaigns. Bermejo says that it's working. Latinas are voting more, organizing receptions for other candidates and are giving more to campaigns.

The networks are forming one Latina at a time and by connecting online through Facebook, Twitter or whatever we create, I think that we'll be quite a force to be reckoned with.

26 July 2009

Blogher 2009 is history...

and I'm pooped!

But as is par for the course, life's roller coaster keeps chugging up that hill.

I was lucky enough to get a small number of Ms. magazine copies to pass out at Blogher and I've already gotten word that some stores are selling it despite an August 4th news stand date. This means that I need to brace myself for a small uptick in traffic.

I have to laugh at this because I spoke this morning at the National Council for La Raza (ya know, !) on social media and one of the last questions was about rankings. I told the man (damn, what was his blog again? This is what happens when I'm on stage without a pen!) that I gave up on my stats and rankings a long time ago. I gave up because I know I'm listed on some pretty big blogs exclusive blogrolls. I know that I go to places like La Raza & Blogher and get "I love your blog!" comments from people who I have no idea who they are. Thus, stats can suck it. Feedburner, Google stats, Google rank and especially Technorati seem to be unable to explain why I seem to be fairly popular. I'm not A-list, but I'm not totally D-list anymore. But that's not why I missed the D-List lunch - I swear I thought we were having breakfast! haha...

But I'll be back at the La Raza conference for a short event on Monday and part of Tuesday burning up my press pass.

And if you read my blog on my blog instead of a RSS reader (it's ok, that's how I read your blog too.) you might notice that my Blogher button has been replaced by a
Blogalicious button! Oh yes, I'll be traveling to Atlanta to hang with fellow women of color bloggers & some of our super kewl white girlfriends.

BUT...that will be after I get back from Tampa for the Florida Consortium for Women's Studies. I submitted a proposal to look at how the increase in women in general on campuses might be helping the increase of women in STEM. A total, total preliminary study, but I'm hoping that it will give me some direction for some research projects.


Like I said, the roller coaster keeps chugging along. Some days I feel like I'm being run over or dragged, but more often than not, I'm enjoying the ride.

And to all my coworkers who read Ms and now have found my blog, Hi!


This blog is my personal blog and is not reflective of my employer or what I do for them.
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