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22 June 2009

The day after...

Thanks to everyone who has linked here about the NOW conference, even those of you who I don't agree with. I think it is a healthy thing to have a debate over issues.

I do want to make one thing very clear - I do not think that Terry O'Neill is a Palin supporter. I have no idea. There have been comments flying in the blogosphere and Twitter that the Palin people were a rumor. I took pics of at least one of them. One of the women I took a pic of has a blog that has ripped Kim Gandy for having NOW support Barack Obama.

Now some might say, "Hey we're Clinton supporters!" But if you truly supported Hillary Clinton and what she stands for, I can't see how or why you would trash Barack Obama or vote for McCain. Furthermore, I don't see how trashing Kim Gandy and Ellie Smeal is productive. They came together VERY early in the primary race to endorse Clinton. Again, far earlier than I would have preferred. I wanted to see the endorsement taken to the conference or even announced at the conference so that Clinton would come to our conference.

More soon.

21 June 2009

Sunday at NOW 2009

This isn't a live blogged post.

The election is over and Terry O'Neill is the next President of NOW.

Terry was a VP when I was on the board. I respected her leadership style and her as a feminist. I am excited to see what she brings to our organization in this time of change. I say that not as a diss to her or her slate. I say that because we can all see around us that things are changing. We need to continue to move forward in order to get anything done.

The Sarah Palin supporters swung this election. The election was certainly close enough - less than 10 votes separated the two slates. Then again, if Latifa's supporters had been able to bring just a handful of additional supporters, we'd have an entirely different picture to discuss. The Palin people out organized us, plain and simple.

There are things I won't say here. I know far too many people are reading this and that this is my professional blog not just a personal blog. But I will say that I feel like Chicken Little in some respects. If only...

I haven't seen Latifa this morning, but I did see Janice. She looks good.

Someone asked me how long it would take to implement the internet changes that were promised from both sides. Terry's slate promised a site where every chapter could be hosted on the NOW website - something that sounds like an idea that was floated years ago and was quickly squashed - and I think that sounds like at least one year to be launched.

Some have asked why Palin supporters weren't allowed to speak during the plenary yesterday. Plain and simple, during a plenary isn't a time to vent anyone's grievances. There is a way to do that. Interrupting an invited guest's talk is not the place nor is it a way to gain respect from people who you might win over. The disrespect was overwhelming to people who were somewhat sympathetic.

One of the grievances I heard about was how to address the inclusion of pro-life feminists in NOW. *big ass sigh* If pro-life feminists want to be in NOW, I welcome them. Yes, I welcome them. I welcome them and say, "Join NOW. Join us in our fight to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Join us in pushing for single-payer health insurance so that women don't worry that even if they wanted to be a mom, they couldn't afford to take their baby to well-baby appointments or the immunizations. Join us in winning paid family leave so women can recover from birth and bond with their newborns. Join us crafting a system where college students can be moms and students with affordable infant care on campus. Join us on making choice a real choice. You don't have to escort at clinics, you just need to help us make everything else better."

As a student of feminist history I can't help but think of all the other times when the movement was at a cross-roads, especially when it was pitted as an "old regime versus new generation" battle. We go thru these periods, we battle each other and even with all our bruises, we end up going forward anyway. Our battles may set us back a few years and cost us valuable time, but I also feel that debate is necessary for a healthy movement.

The 2009 election report is as follows:

* 404 total ballots
* 72 ballots not used (meaning ballots printed but not used)
* 1 ballot voided
* 203 votes needed to elect slate
* 198 for NOW is the Times slate
* 206 for Feminist Leadership NOW slate

Now that the results are in, I need to sneak out of here and pack up to head home and celebrate Father's Day with the family.

Thanks to everyone who followed my reports, tweets and even Facebook updates. I'll get around to following people back on Twitter this week. If there are additional questions about this weekend, don't hesitate to ask.

Round-up of my live-blogging from the weekend:

Live blog: 2009 NOW Natl Conference - Plenary V

Live blog: 2009 NOW Natl Conference - Political Institute

Live blog: 2009 NOW Natl Conference - Candidate Speeches

Live blog: 2009 NOW Natl Conference - Friday Plenary II

20 June 2009

Live blog: 2009 NOW Natl Conference - Plenary V

Scheduled to speak: Rev. Dr. Katherine Ragsdale, Dr. Julianne Malveaux and Kim Gandy

**edited on Sunday, June 21, 2009**

sorry to anyone who came to view a live blogging of this session. I made an executive decision to skip this plenary for many reasons. One of which had to do with getting dinner early so I could vote early and then the kid and I could hit the pool. The other was that my arms and hands were tired.

Of course I do wish I had attended, not just for the speakers, whom I heard were excellent. But because apparently, from what I gather, Kim Gandy was asked about a handout that was circulating that showed NOWs finances plummeting. She said that it was a product of Sarah Palin followers. I was told it was from the O'Neill campaign. Someone told me they heard that Kim said that anyone backing the O'Neill campaign were Sarah Palin backers. Again, I did not attend this event.

I doubt that Kim said everyone who backed the O'Neill campaign were Sarah Palin supporters. I do know that there is enough evidence in the blogosphere, which I won't link here, shows that there were Palin supporters supporting O'Neill's campaign. Does that make O'Neill the Palin campaign? No. But it does mean that the Palin supporters are still angry that NOW and Kim Gandy did so much to elect Barack Obama.

I'll be in attendance to see the 9 am plenary this morning because I do owe it to my readers. I owe it to Latifa Lyles campaign. And I do respect Terry and Erin. I need to get to know Allendra, but one of my dear NOW friends has high respect for her, so I have high hopes for her leadership.

Live blog: 2009 NOW Natl Conference - Political Institute

Scheduled to speak: Jennifer Brunner and Hon. Gwen Moore

Live blog: 2009 NOW Natl Conference - Candidate Speeches

Officer Tickets:

NOW is the Time slate Feminist Leadership NOW slate
Latifa Lyles for President Terry O'Neill for President
Sonia Ossorio for Executive Vice President Bonnie Grabenhofer for Executive Vice President
Janice Rocco for Action Vice President Erin Matson for Action Vice President
Liz Gilchrist for Membership Vice President Allendra Letsome for Membership Vice President

Voting will take place on Saturday, June 20, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the National Conference in Indianapolis, Ind.

19 June 2009

Live blog: 2009 NOW Natl Conference - Friday Plenary II

Scheduled to speak: Barbara Ehrenreich, Lulu Flores and Danna Smith, Woman of Action Award

18 June 2009

Live blogging the National NOW Conference

I have four live blogging sessions set up thru CoveritLive for the conference. They will publish here a few minutes before each plenary starts. I'll still be on the road during the first plenary.

* Plenary II at 5:15 PM EST. Scheduled to speak: Barbara Ehrenreich, Lulu Flores and Danna Smith, Woman of Action Award
* Plenary III at 9:00 AM EST. Candidate Speeches
* Plenary IV at 1:45 PM EST. Political Institute. Scheduled to speak: Jennifer Brunner & Hon. Gwen Moore
* Plenary V at 4:45 PM EST. Scheduled to speak: Rev. Dr. Katherine Ragsdale, Dr. Julianne Malveaux and Kim Gandy

I may live blog some of the workshops and the candidate gatherings, but it's doubtful. Those may get more action on the twitter feed. Also, since the kid is coming with who knows what will happen.

Wanna see how I enjoyed past conferences? I've reposted my thoughts from my old dead blog for the 2007, 2006 and 2005 conferences.

13 July 2007

2007 NOW Conference

Reposted from my old blog:

9:30 AM - WOOHOO! I made it!

I'm all registered & now working the reg area. "My name is Roni, how may I help you?"

12 PM - Gov Granholm: She is kickass & beautiful. I'm now uberjealous of MI-ites. I'll trade ya Guvs!

If only she was born in the states. *sigh*

11:45 AM - Chenese Lewis
She's a plus-size model who feels each photo shot is a statement. Once @ a 'Insider' segment her & other plus-size women actors were weighed(!) on camera. The scales were RIGGED to add 30 lbs. She wasn't too fazed but the other actors were devistated. She works a non-NOW affiliated 'Love Your Body' project.

OMG, I love this woman.

11:00 - Sherry Stringfield

Did you know that Sherri AND both her kids (6 & 3) are lifetime members of NOW? She was introduced to NOW when the actor playing her mom on a soap opera took her to a NYC NOW meeting. Sherry also spoke about being a feminist & an actor in Hollywood. Hint: it's not an easy thing for up & coming actors.She assures us that there are many feminists in Hollywood & she needs our help. 1) No more guilty-pleasure reading of People Magazine, etc;2) Express ourselves creatively as feminists. Turn off stupid TV. Go to museums. Support PBS. Write to the networks;3) Write to the stations. The ads are focused TO US! We can make a difference;One more thing...She's a lefty & of course means as a kid she kicked ass on the ball field. A lefty pitcher is quite the assest for any team.Add Sherry to my crush list please.

11:30 AM - Jill Soloway

She's a Hollywood writer & active with Hollywood NOW. She describes a recent table reading with a wannabe* actress who bombed in front of the film powers that be. Jill is too funny! She wouldn't see 'The Departed' because there was only 1 woman in the cast.

The funniest part of her address was when she remarked that, "My sister is a lesbian. LUCKY! I was just a chromosome away!" Everyone lost it.

She also told us all of an action that Hollywood NOW did to remove disgusting billboards for a certain horror flick that opened on Friday. She cried while recounting how hard it was to work on it and then see the billboards back up a few weeks later.

Dear goddess, my crush list is growing by the minute. 'Thank you!'**

* The unnamed woman is on a TV show, but shouldn't be called an actress. Those of you who want to know need to buy me a mocha, martini or garlic mayo cheese fries.

** I'm moblogging & my thumbs hurt, so you'll have to wait for an explanation.

12:00 PM - Dr. E. Faye Williams

A powerful & inspiring speaker. Yes, Dr. we won't go back.

5:00 PM - Angie Cruz

The last plenary started with a dance party. We hammed it up even more because CNN & CSPAN are in the house.Angie Cruz is a writer from NYC. It took a long time before she decided to be a writer due to a lack of any women writer role models much less WOC writers.She also spoke about how hard it was to be a progressive writer after 9/11. She is just finally getting that energy again to make change happen.Yup...I want her to be my BFF. A grrl can't have too many BFFs right?

10:00 PM - DANCE PARTY!!

This is what feminism looks like.

10 AM - Resolutions

Sometimes the best, sometimes not, part of the conference. I'll post a link when the passed resolutions are on the NOW website.Then it's time to head home! And I decided to hitch a ride home with friends. I booked a flight way too late in the day. Yeah for Southwest cancellation rules.

24 July 2006

2006 National NOW Conference - Wrap up

Reposed from my old blog:

OK, maybe not a full wrap up as the weekend flew by in a blinding flash. Instead, highlights:

* Meeting Jessica from Feministing with the always "WTF" question: "Can I take a picture of you with my Pooh Bear?" She asked if I would send her the photo and I said, "It'll be on Flickr." Yes, I'm a smart ass.

* As I walked away, Amanda from Pandagon said to Jessica, "See her bag!?" Jessica said, "Oh, the woman who made that is one of the Hot 100." And I got to retort, "Yup, she's my best friend." Yes, I gloat as well.

* Meeting Ani and again, asking the "WTF" question. I guess because I'm not as big of a fan of Ani as I am of Dar, I neglected to ask her for a beer. 20 minutes later, I learned that she would had said no for a whole different reason that 'who the fuck are you?' Waking up at 3:30 am to take cab to Midway = $50, Flight to Albany = $200, hearing Ani DiFranco announce her pregnancy at NOW's 40th anniversary = PRICELESS.

* I got to listen to Dr. Susan Wood...again. And each time I get chills down my spine with her courage and fierceness. If she is coming anywhere near you, you HAVE to get your ass over to see her. She has stared our enemy in the eye and made them blink.

* I've never been a fan of Tyne Daly, other than she played a kick ass woman on TV, but she totally won me over this weekend with her wit. She also made me cry a bit while she talked about being at her daughter's home birth and thanking NOW for making it possible. Not only for nurturing her feminist ways, but for making our country a place where home births are possible.

* I use to watch "One Life to Live" every day as a kid in the summer. After school, we'd run home and ask our mom what happened. As we got older, the VCR took over that job. So it was pretty neat to meet Bree Williamson. And she's the first person to really HOLD Poohbear for a photo and not treat him as just a prop. Kudos to her!

* I got to see many dear friends who I really only see at NOW conferences. It's weird saying that as this was only my 3rd conference. It's funny how quickly you bond over this shit and beer. Yes, beer makes it much easier to bond. And it's awesome how you can stroll up to someone, start chatting, and then realize, "Shit! This woman works at ABC Organization. She not only works there, but she's the National (fill in the blank) Director!"

* I missed [the kid] almost as much as she missed me. There weren't as many kids as last year (it wasn't an election year), but enough and ones [the kid's] age that made me think I should had brought her. And she does want to go. I've set an age of 8 for her to come without having to be in the child care room. We'll see if that happens.

* I heard many long-time NOW conference goers say that this year's conference was the most diverse and gave all the props to the young feminists. So let's keep it up, ok?

SOOOOO....2007's conference is in Detroit, Michigan chicas. Who's up for a road trip?

05 July 2005

2005 National NOW Conference

Maybe I won't have a ton of time to go on and on about the conference, but here are some highlights:

* The main reason to be in Nashville was to vote on senior leadership. The Kim Gandy's (i) slate vs. Rosemary Dempsey's slate. Both are great speakers and honestly if either of them won, I wouldn't worry too much about either kicking ass. Kim Gandy & her slate did win thou.

* Rosemary and her slate did congratulate Kim & her slate on Sunday morning during a resolution hearing.

* I met a ton of fab women including another Veronica from Chicago. I totally freaked her out when I found her since I guess I was kinda stalking her for 24 hours. But now we're buddies. She also said that she's always felt a psychic connection with Frida and then we debated if Frida was just a representation for me. We're both totally into the whole "we're here, meeting for a reason" train of thought.

* I got to see Ellie Smeal, Patricia Ireland, Carol Moseley Braun, and Martha Burk again. Obviously, to them it was our first meeting, but they meet a zillion people a day. Why should they remember me? OK, besides me being one of a handful of Latinas there...but back to the conference.

* I got to meet Katie Hnida. I not only wanted to meet her because of her courage to speak out about rape on college campuses, but she played football! Don't think I'm downplaying her courage - I was almost in tears while she spoke - but the fact that she played college football and scored 3 extra points...that's just fab. I got to shake her hand, thank her for everything, bonded over baseball (for about 5 seconds), and got an autograph. Sadly, I lost my program book.

* We rallied on Saturday and that was a lot of fun. But it was damn hot out!

* I also got myself on the hook for $600 to go towards funding one paid internship for next summer to a low-income student. It was like a bidding war. One woman got up during the resolution process and said she'd donate $600 if someone matched it. A friend of mine matched it. Then another friend did too. I thought, why the hell not!? And I think that within 10 minutes we had next year's internship funded. It still needs to pass the National Board, but since there is funding, that should be just a formality. Watch for some fundraising news in the next week or so.

* One member I know let her membership lapse and couldn't vote. Can you believe that? She went all the way there to find out she wasn't an updated member. HA!

Overall, it was a great weekend. I got a lot done and have a lot to consider. The lack of Latinas is starting to get disheartening, especially at the 20s-30s area. Let me be specific, the lack of Latinas in leadership roles is unnerving.

I've put a lot of time, energy, money, and love into NOW. While I'd love to be paid back by holding a senior leadership position one day, I'd be more happy to look around the conference hall and see a sea of Latinas staring back at me. *big sigh*


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